📍 Individual Use Cases

Personal or Peer-to-Peer

Individuals can have an online accessible, encrypted repository of personal ownership records, certifications, medical history, legal contracts, etc. The identity technology provides secure and private digital ID that can be used from anywhere, at any time for different purposes. Vulos.io blockchain platform allows easy application of digital signatures to documents and send it to the appropriate parties.

Mobile and Remote Notary Public

Many notaries or notary public, still notarise and verify legal documents manually and enter records for the notarial acts within large physical registers. This way of notarising documents is susceptible to human errors and time-consuming. Also, there is a risk for someone to tamper the existing records. To solve this problem Vulos.io provides notaries around the world with the possibility to:

  • Register to one big Online Notary Public register

  • Get a unique Digital ID embedded within the X.509 digital certificate

  • Upload and customise the different type of documents

  • Notarise documents with the use of a digital signature and a notary seal

  • Keep track and audit their notarial act register at any time, from anywhere

  • Audio and video conferencing tool that can serve as a proof of identity in the case of remote e-notarisation process

  • Earn Trust level points and VULOS tokens that can later be exchanged for Vulos.io services

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

The barriers of not having Real Estate Listings and Title records in one place and the difficulty of accessing them by non-real estate professionals can be surpassed with the use of Vulos.io Blockchain platform.

Our platform can help both individuals and real estate agents and brokers to securely share data from one place, communicate and collaborate privately and be in control over who’s accessing their data and when, and who has permission for access as well. Here is how the real estate agents and brokers can benefit from using our platform:

  • Shared, secure and permissioned worldwide database of title records and multiple listings and other documents

  • Real-time access to property information

  • Real-time collaboration and communication

  • Speed up buying/selling process due to on-site signing and notarisation of documents

  • Reduced risk of fraud and theft

  • Proof of ownership and proof of identity to all participants in the process using Digital ID

  • Trust score ranking in the real estate network

  • Earn Vulos tokens that can be utilised for the services we provide

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