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✏️ Vision and Mission


Become the most trusted, global platform with the largest network of individuals, companies, and governments, where all participants in the network trust each other, have greater control over sharing their personal and confidential business data while increasing their productivity with digitalization of different paper-intensive activities.
Despite all the digitalization, globalization and decentralization, people are still limited to work with a paper regarding their legal, business, and trading contracts.
Vulos solves this problem for businesses or individuals by providing them with a real-time environment where they can create legal documents collaboratively using video conferencing and chat tools.


Vulos is a decentralized application that allows individuals, business professionals, and government institutions, to securely communicate and share, personal and confidential data, over permissioned, private channels on the blockchain. By providing them the ability to use their digital identity and digital signature for signing different documents, we guarantee the integrity of all messages and documents they will share with others on the Vulos platform.
Our mission is to allow people to take advantage of all the benefits the blockchain technology offers, such as trustlessness, enhanced security, increased transparency and better traceability, thus use them in their daily business operations.