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Vulos has always been visionary on the Metaverse, and the Cryptonoids, a play-to-earn blockchain game — is a perfect addition to our ecosystem.. Tied closely to Vulos Identity, Cryptonoids allows you to connect your Digital Identity with gaming and NFT characters staying anonymous online.
Click here to view the introductory Cryptonoids dashboard.
Everyone will be able to play Cryptonoids on from our upcoming planets and moons, while unlocking exclusive NFTs to unlock further heroes, or unravel full potential to your current hero. Enduring in-game challenges and obstacles, and purifying planets from evil reigns, $VULOS will be awarded to everyone spending time in-game.
Opportune Cryptonoids ranging from humans to robots and aliens, will be vital to unlocking portals to each world. Each Cryptonoid NFT will have its own strengths, advantages and special attributes, all required to build the perfect team to unlock special missions and capture podiums. First-gen Cryptonoids will be released before the game, moreover, second and further generation Cryptonoids will be descendants of their previous generations.
  • Customize your character.
  • Convert your character to NFT
  • Create and swap Cryptonoid Collections with other users
  • Purchase a real 3D Model of your Vulos character
  • Use your character as a personal signature for signing documents
Publishing new heroes and maps will be a never ending journey for Vulos, whereas the community will also be rewarded for their creativity.

Cryptonoids within the Vulos Ecosystem

Use your personalized NFT in the whole Vulos Ecosystem and sign documents digitally through Vulos Digital Signature. Connect Vulos Digital Identity to your gaming account. Improve trust score and prove it within Vulos to all our partners.

Where can I get the NFTs?

Vulos NFT characters will be available on all major marketplaces. Exclusive NFTs, to boost special attributes and visualization, will be available as a limited edition.

VULOS within Cryptonoids

Cryptonoids’ main monetary components are NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) and the VULOS token itself. NFTs will be used to unlock new characters, boost their robust abilities, and give them outstanding visuals while the VULOS token will be used as the in-game payment method. Cryptonoids players will be rewarded any missions completed, challenges terminated, future tournaments, leaderboard podiums, and notably for the time they spend playing Cryptonoids.