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🛠️ Vulos Services

Digital Signature

When using digital signatures the holder needs to have cryptographically connected keys: a public key, made widely available and acts as authentication anchor, and a private key, used to produce digital signatures.
When signing a document, our blockchain network guarantees that you are the person who signed and that your personal data haven’t been tampered. Additionally, you can set rules for signing the necessary document, such as date and time, parties involved and specific conditions which need to be met.
Try Vulos Signature here.

Digital Identity

The digital identity in, represents a set of digital records that define user attributes. blockchain serves as a root Certificate Authority (CA) which issues X.509 digital certificates, in which your digital identity is encapsulated.
This digital ID will be held secure in our private, permission-based blockchain. We also provide you with the ability to control who has access to your personal data.
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Vulos has always been visionary on the Metaverse, and the Cryptonoids, a play-to-earn blockchain game — is a perfect addition to our ecosystem. Tied closely to Vulos Identity, Cryptonoids allows you to connect your Digital Identity with gaming and NFT characters staying anonymous online.
To view the introductory Cryptonoids dashboard click here.


All signed documents, once time-stamped and recorded in the blockchain cannot be altered and modified. This is a guarantee that these legal documents were signed at a specific date and time by appropriate parties.
The content of the document can only be accessed by the user’s private key.

Document Audit Trail

You will always have control over who has access to your documents.
The quick dashboard overview, helps you stay up-to-date on the status of all automated processes in which you are involved.

Artificial Intelligence

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we can analyse the content of many documents in order to identify contract clauses, regardless of how they are phrased.
It will accelerate the identification and review process of all legal documents. Using speech-to-text we can even speed up the creation of legal documents from scratch.

Custom, Automated Workflows

The signing process integrity is improved with our custom, and automated workflows that eliminate the need for intermediaries. It enhances user experience by automatically enforcing the execution of predefined agreement terms with the use of Smart Contracts.

Security & Privacy Compliance

Your personal documents are encrypted using 256-bit Hash algorithms, and all the content within the document. The personal data of all signees is secured in the private, permissioned blockchain network.
The privacy of your personal data is respected and compliant with the new GDPR law.

Video Conferencing & Real-time Collaboration

You can work together with your team anywhere you go, by using our chat and video conferencing tool. Working in real time speeds up every process of you daily working routines that involve working with documents.

New & Custom Document Templates

With, you can create a new document template from scratch, or reuse existing documents that can be customised to your needs with a few simple clicks. You can also password-protect these templates and share them with others.

Rewarding System

As a user of, whether you are an individual or a company, you get initial Vulos tokens as a reward for the purchase of a specific pricing plan.
Once you start using the platform, you get rewarded with not only Vulos tokens per the number of processed transactions, but you also earn Trust score points which can make you a more reliable user or business that people can work with. With the level of Trust score points you earn additional Vulos tokens that can be exchanged for the use of our services.