🪙 Vulos Token

VULOS is the native token of the Vulos Ecosystem.
Vulos Tokenomics (token + economics) is a presentation of the VULOS token from an economic and utility perspective. Tokenomics help both users and investors develop an idea of how they can benefit from the usage of the VULOS token, its use cases, and the principal idea behind VULOS.

The initial use cases of VULOS are:

  • Pay for Digital Signature, Identity Verifications, and Authentications
  • The in-game currency of the Cryptonoids Game
  • Vulos Staking
  • Vulos Reward

Vulos Ecosystem Payment Method

Vulos users will be able to use VULOS for any transaction inside the whole Ecosystem varying from Digital Signatures to Identity Verifications and Authentications. Individuals will be able to connect their wallets with the Vulos Applications and pay directly without having to go through intermediaries or long and insecure waiting processes. Vulos Applications are not only intended for personal use but also for businesses, enterprises, and government institutions, which will be offered several payment methods using VULOS tokens.

VULOS within Cryptonoids

Cryptonoids is a blockchain-based play-to-earn game. Cryptonoids' main monetary components are NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) and the VULOS token itself. NFTs will be used to unlock new characters, boost their robust abilities, and give them outstanding visuals while the VULOS token will be used as the in-game payment method. Cryptonoids players will be rewarded any missions completed, challenges terminated, future tournaments, leaderboard podiums, and notably for the time they spend playing Cryptonoids - all with VULOS tokens.

Vulos Staking

Be rewarded for holding you crypto. Vulos users can stake their tokens and earn tasty APY when locking their VULOS for a decided portion of time. More information concerning Vulos Staking will be released in the future.

Vulos Rewards

To increase the token utility and experience, Vulos will give rewards and cashback to anyone using the Vulos Ecosystem. Cryptonoids’ players will be rewarded for the time they spend in-game in VULOS tokens. Cashback tokens will be rewarded when using both Vulos Identity & Vulos Signature. End users will have full control of their rewarded VULOS tokens and can use them anywhere.
Please note that this section will be reworked with more precise information when the token goes public.