Major Market Players

Globally industry competitors in the digital signature market are leveraging market growth through technological advancements in improving the security measures of these types of signatures. The major players in this industry are highlighting the focus of competitors on new product development together with forming different partnership agreements in order to expand their consumer base across the globe.

The major market players in the e-signature (digital signature) market in 2018 are DocuSign, AdobeSign, Signix, OneSpan (former eSign Live), and Hellosign, which are closely followed by RightSignature, SignNow, and many others.

DocuSign is the key player in the Global E signing market. As illustrated before, significant growth in demand for e-signature is anticipated due to surging security concerns among enterprises, growing government focus towards eliminating paperless work coupled with growing e-commerce market, and increasing online transactions across the globe.

A study about the Australian market, from Forrester Consulting conducted for AdobeSign, indicates an exponential growth in e-signature use across all Australian business segments. Australian law allows nearly all documents to be signed using simple electronic signatures with minimal requirements and clear enforceability.

Additionally, research indicates that the global e-signature market is moderately competitive, with players investing heavily in research & development and enhancing the e-signature solutions and security to increase their market shares.

The e-signature market, even though it is consolidated, offers the possibility for smaller companies to try out in this market, but the thing is once they manage to provide an additional value with their service and start to become more serious competition, they get acquired by larger competitors such as Docusign. AdobeSign and OneSpan.

All these e-signing services lack the possibility to create an additional value for the individuals and the business, creation of digital Identity that can be used for many purposes at many places.

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